Building Your Podcast Brand

A piece of that advertising plan ought to incorporate structure your internet based brand and sorting out some way to showcase it.

In the event that you are like me, you were conceived, sadly, without a solitary advertising bone in your body. So here are the essentials of making a brand for your podcast.

Podcast Name

This might come effectively for some of you, the name of your podcast may have been the primary thing that you made when you chose to do a podcast. In the event that you haven’t picked a podcast name yet, the following are a couple of proposals to consider.

Your podcast name ought to integrate with your podcast subject in some way. Assuming you are podcasting about sewing it’s a horrible idea to call your podcast the SuperNova Podcast. That might seem like good judgment to some of you, however I have seen some insane podcast names out there.

Try not to make your podcast title something dark that you will appreciate yet others will see as confounding. You need a name that is effectively recognizable and interesting for your podcast crowd so they will recollect you. At times you can face a challenge and give your podcast an unusual name and expect to be vital in light of the fact that the name is so unique, this is a major bet and some of the time you have to know when to overlay them.

In the event that you anticipate having a site, and I strongly suggest you do, then you ought to bring your site into thought too. On the off chance that you will enlist your own space for your site, you will need to pick a name for your podcast for which the site area is as yet accessible. If your podcast mastering is named The SuperNova Podcast yet that space is now taken thus you register you will confound your crowd and there will be a distinction there. It would be a superior choice just to rename your podcast AstronomyCast.


Having a slogan is discretionary, there are a ton of effective podcasts that don’t have a particular slogan yet some of the time they are great while balancing a brand. Some of the time slogans can be utilized to expound on a podcast title that you needed to abbreviate on the grounds that it was excessively lengthy.

Call your podcast AstronomyCast, and have your slogan be – SuperNovas, Black Holes and the sky is the limit from there…

Variety Scheme

I can’t pressure enough the way that significant the variety conspire for your podcast is. It will make an interpretation of in all cases to all of the showcasing you do. In the event that you race to pursue a choice on variety and, you adjust your perspective later on, it will make for a ton of work as you need to return and once again plan your site, logos, business cards, all the other things. In the event that you’re not variety facilitated, surf the web and look at the destinations you successive. See what sort of variety plans they are utilizing and attempt to find out about what works and what doesn’t work for you, then make an interpretation of that into your thought process accommodates your podcast. Likewise focus on what varieties individuals use for foundations text and so on. For a many individuals having a dark foundation and white text is hard to peruse, search for patterns like that and stay away from them please.