How to Buy Houses in Turkey and Which Real Estate is Safe

Why buy a property in Turkey?

There are several reasons to buy a property in Turkey. It may be that you already know Turkey and often spend your holidays in this beautiful country. Many property buyers and investors choose Turkey for its perfect climate. The relaxed lifestyle is a big reason for many people to buy real estate in Turkey as well. Some people fall in love with an area they visit frequently, and decide to buy real estate there and visit their property in Turkey yearly. There are also investors who choose to own some rental properties as the percentages of return on investment can be higher compared to the rates in their home country. Some foreign property buyers choose a combination of a vacation property in Turkey and an investment. This is an attractive option for many people as it creates a return on investment and also allows the owner to spend time in their property in Turkey.

Budget for real estate in Turkey

Turkey offers properties in different price ranges, suitable for different budgets and lifestyles. It doesn’t matter whether you want to live an exciting life in a bustling metropolis or prefer a quiet life in a city close to the beach. You can always contact us, and we will guide you in your journey to find the most suitable property in Turkey. In general, sea view properties are more expensive and desirable than other properties. Turkey also offers beautiful villas with private gardens and pools with no sea views. For some property buyers in Turkey, choosing properties in areas slightly outside of the best locations can be a compromising strategy. Turkey is a vast country with approximately 7,200 kilometers of beautiful coastline and luxury real estate in various locations. These luxury properties in Turkey are located on different seas such as the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. According to most people, the Aegean Sea offers the most beautiful bays, crystal clear turquoise waters combined with perfect sandy beaches, we totally agree with that statement.


Where to invest in Turkish Real-Estate


The Turkish real estate industry is currently one of the largest sectors of the Turkish economy. The Turkish economy is one of the emerging countries and growth leaders. Turkey ranks 20th in terms of economic size compared to other economies. With a relatively young population of 83 million people and increasing prosperity in the country, domestic demand for Turkish real estate is increasing. Depending on your lifestyle, you should consider which area is best for you and your family. Istanbul has had a large number of foreign property buyers for decades. However, nowadays there is a big trend of foreign property buyers in İzmir. The main reasons are that İzmir is a more comfortable and relaxed city to live in. Istanbul can be a bit hectic and overwhelming. It’s certainly a nice city to visit, but the hours of traffic jams, higher crime rates, less nature, more pollution combined with a population of over 20 million people can be a bit overwhelming.


Aegean Locations in İzmir and Çeşme


Aegean Locations is the expert for foreign property buyers in İzmir and Çeşme. We certainly believe that being an expert comes with focusing on a certain region. There are plenty of real estate agencies, which are offering real estate all over Turkey. However, most of these agencies do not have an updated portfolio and physical offices in each location. This makes it a challenging task to be an expert everywhere.