Kindle Book Writing – How To Avoid The Three Most Common Kindle Book Publishing Problems

Having books on special on Amazon’s Kindle can be both an income source in itself and can actually advance your business.

Yet, many in any case great Kindle books are hounded with issues. The three most serious issues with free Kindle Books  that forestall high deals are:

1. Having an unfortunate book cover
2. Having an unfortunate title
3. Having unfortunate arranging

Botch No.1: Having A Poor Book Cover

“Try not to make hasty judgments based solely on appearances.” But regardless of the familiar axiom individuals WILL pass judgment too quickly. On the off chance that they haven’t previously understood it, the main things your crowd need to go on is your book’s title and caption, your name as a writer and the cover.

Your cover is the most noticeable of these. Misunderstand entirely your front of these wrong and your book will be ignored, regardless of how great the items. This is much more evident with books on Amazon. While in a bookshop individuals may be looking at the spines of the books, on Amazon, your cover is noticeably shown.


For your Kindle book, to right away stand out, you should put resources into an expert cover. In any case, where would it be a good idea for you to begin?

What To Do Instead
Most importantly, do some examination. Investigate every one of the books on Amazon in your class. What style cover is generally pervasive? A plain cover with just text? A photograph overlaid with text? An outline? What tones are dominating? What text styles are generally utilized? How is the format?

You’ll most likely see an example arising, and this is the very thing you need to imitate. Save the Amazon URLs (web address) of three books in your classification that you need to look like. You will send these to your visual planner as rules.