Understanding the Difference Between Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy is a health care profession where physical therapists work with patients to relieve their symptoms and help them achieve their goals. It is also important to understand how physiotherapy works to ensure that it is effective for your particular case. The physiotherapist will start the treatment by talking to you about your condition and what you hope to achieve. Subjective assessment refers to the conversation involving your immediate problem as well as your general health and fitness. This will include your occupation, previous injuries and illnesses, and your current level of exercise.

Newport physio work with patients of all ages and backgrounds to improve their condition and quality of life. The aim of their work is to improve movement and reduce pain. The majority of patients will see a physiotherapist for musculoskeletal pain, but a physiotherapist will attempt to help them move more freely. Recent developments in the science of pain have shown that a patient’s overall health improves when movement is improved.

Physiotherapy helps people move more easily and safely. This is the goal of physiotherapy. The therapist will almost always attempt to improve movement, which in turn helps with pain and inflammation. In fact, many recent advancements in the field of pain science have been based on research by physiotherapists. Therefore, it is important to know the differences between physiotherapy and physical therapy. Having a clear understanding of the two will help you select the best option for your treatment.