Unique Wedding Ideas to Inspire Your Big Day

Some couples love the arts and aren’t afraid to break away from tradition. Rather than focusing on traditional wedding decor, these individuals can choose a style that best represents their relationship. Cubists can use painted backdrops as table decorations, while impressionists can have their photographer turn their wedding album into a pointillistic piece. Whatever the theme, you’ll have a great time! The following are just a few of the many unique wedding ideas to inspire your big day.

The art deco style of design is a great place to start with your decorations. You can use bold colors to create a stunning display of art. The most popular color is gold, which is an excellent choice for an art deco theme. You can also get creative by creating DIY signs using old book pages or any other material. Another way to express yourself and your relationship is by adding a personal message to the signs. You can also incorporate DIY lighting into your reception with LED candles and Mason jars. These centerpieces are also a great place to place your flower arrangements, including a thank you sign.

For an extra special touch, you can hire a magician or a caricature artist to give your guests a fun evening. Alternatively, you can offer wine, whiskey or gin tastings to guests. This can also be a good way to get guests out of the house and help them recover from their night of drinking. A cheap alternative is wedding sparklers. For decorations and other items that will make the reception more interesting, consider looking online for wedding bargains.

Besides decorations, your guests can enjoy a unique experience during the wedding. A special bar can be set up to serve digestif and cocktail drinks. You can also hire performers for an ice-cream truck or a pop-up ice cream cart. The guests can watch the butterflies fly around the room while enjoying the treats. In addition to these wedding ideas, you can include a mini photo booth. The photos from the photo booth can then be sent out with thank you cards. A new trend in the wedding industry is the use of GIFs, or GIFs.

Instead of a traditional guestbook, consider a fun and original alternative. Using a wooden heart to create a wall-mounted artwork is another unusual and fun way to welcome guests. It can even be used as a guestbook. And remember: it’s a wedding, not a party. A time capsule can be a unique keepsake. The best ideas are those that are fun. While these aren’t overshadowed by the wedding.

Using ice-cream trucks is a great way to tie into your wedding theme. Incorporate an ice-cream truck into your reception venue will give you a great opportunity to have a wedding with a theme. You can also create a personalized guest book with photos and special messages. You can create unique and stylish items by combining DIY and vintage ideas. You’ll never run out of options when it comes to DIY.