What is the SEO Process?

Search engine optimization (SEO) practices are geared toward the dominant search engines in the target market. Google has a 92% market share worldwide. The search engine’s aim is to give users the best experience and provide relevant results in the shortest time possible. Several hundred SEO firms were active in the US and other European countries in 2006. In 2006, Google held a 88-90% share of the German and UK markets. As of June 2008, Google had a 92% marketshare in the UK.

An effective SEO process pays close attention to how Google interprets the content on your website. Moreover, it also pays attention to Google’s metrics and statistics. This allows you to take advantage of the momentum that’s currently present in the market and generate new momentum for your keyword phrases. In short, SEO is a process of generating and improving quality content. To help your business grow, it is essential to use keywords that have high search volume and have plenty of content.

An SEO process focuses on the way Google sees your website. It aims to deliver helpful content to people who are searching for specific products or services. Besides, it is important to create quality content. Adding high-quality content to your website will help you rank well for your targeted keywords. Once you have a high-quality content, you can optimize your site for the search engines. This will result in better rankings for your site. But, it’s a tedious process that requires time and commitment.